On-Water Training

Our Courses

Own a boat or planning to own one, but knowledge of how to operate a boat is something you need to improve on or even learn? In most states, boaters need to take a basic boating safety or education course to get a boating license, but this doesn’t teach you how to operate a boat, and these courses which are usually offered online, are just that – basic.

Anyone that is buying a boat, owning a boat for the first time, it’s a new boat replacing another (with additional motor, different hull, larger size, etc. especially), you haven’t done it in a while, or want to learn advanced skills like loading on a trailer, anchoring, docking, running lines, operating boating systems (auto-pilot, thrusters, electronics, etc.), setting up electronics for successful display of information, or anything alike; this course will teach you what you need to know to be able to feel confident on the water.

SeaEO Luxury Boat Charters utilize their hand-picked captains with a ton of experience and knowledge of the water. All are US Coast Guard Merchant Mariners (Captains) who are proficient and have thousands of hours on the water.

Overview of Equipment:
Ideally, our team likes to utilize your own boat so you learn with the vessel you will be operating, but often we will provide our own equipment, especially if there are multiple sessions. Our modern fleet of boats have the ability to provide proficient learning on the most basic boat, all the way to even the most advanced boats having equipment/electronics that yachts use.

Pricing & Courses:
Our courses have various lengths and times for each individual user. As with the rest of our companies values, we don’t focus on cookie-cutter classes or times that don’t align with a private and tailored experience. We will gauge your experience and the equipment you’ll be utilizing so our team can build a training day/course for you. We also encourage spouses, or what we call frequent fliers (buddies that will be frequenting your boat and/or will be helping) to join you at no additional cost. Our core value of on-the-water training is to ensure you feel confident when we leave you.

Our typical courses range from $3995-$495 depending on your needs, vessel, sessions, and location. The price can exceed such depending on the level of service you need. We service the entire Tidewater region, all the way far east as the Eastern Shore and all of the Florida Keys. We also will travel to custom locations or assist you on day of maiden voyage. If you have a budget, please disclose it so we can try to build a course that fits your needs.

Basic Course: $495

Basics+: $995

6 Hour Course: $1595

Full Day: $1995

Master’s Course - Smaller Vessels - Multi Day (Advanced safety & electronic equipment included): $2995

Master’s Course - Larger Vessel’s - Multi Day (Advanced safety & electronic equipment included): $3995