Hampton Roads & Florida Keys Premier Luxury Charter

SeaEO's mission is to provide a highly personalized, detailed, and most importantly a fun and/or targeted experience. Whether it’s as simple as a fun day in the sun, to as detailed as planning/executing the perfect proposal, to a great day snorkeling & experiencing uninhabited islands, or simple but delicate as spreading ashes of your loved ones.. my company designed it’s team, boats, equipment, and processes to do it all. There is a reason people pay for the Ritz-Carlton up the road, even when there is a motel 6 a mile away, and that’s the experience we aim to provide.. One that is tailored to the person & their goals no matter who they are or what they want to do.

We also offer On-The-Water Training which shows you how to operate a new boat/yacht, marine vending services, boat rentals, emergency & towing services. Discover more below or through website navigation!

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